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Making Gainz Both Ways v2

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Be Proud of Yourself

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Red Plate Parlor
Ready for a slice of mouthwatering Plateroni Pizza from our Red Plate Parlor?
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Certified Gainz Reviews

This Shirt Makes Me Hungry!

I love the fit of these shirts! They're tight around the arms so your pump can be seen and the quality of the fabric is superb! Well done, I'll be definitely be getting my hands on some more of these KFKF shirts soon!

Purchased Plateroni Pizza Shirt
Cooper Garfield
Certified Taste Tester


This is the most comfortable bra I have ever owned HANDS DOWN! I love how it keeps the girls close and contained and I especially love how the bra hides my back rolls. The bra is comfortable, wicks moisture, doesn't chafe anywhere and is just plain comfortable. I literally LIVE in this bra.

Purchased Stay Hungry: 375 Degree Sports Bra
Certified Taste Tester

Different and cool

Love the hoodie. Really comfy and definitely a conversation starter. So many people commenting and asking questions from where I got it from.

Purchased Original Donut Plate Hoodie
Jeremy Bryant
Certified Taste Tester

Extra Confidence

I enjoy lifting heavy and eating junk food. Most shirts are either to small or to big. The message and the fit make me feel a lot more comfortable in the gym. I think I've actually noticed the extra confidence it in my performance.

Purchased Big Sleepy Shirt
Certified Taste Tester


This crop top is super cute, comfortable and flattering. Finally found something that I feel represents me! The material doesn't stick when sweaty and is super soft. Even after washing it, the shirt hasn't shrunk and the print hasn't cracked. Highly recommend! Will be adding more to my wardrobe.

Purchased Plateroni Crop Top
Kay F
Certified Taste Tester


For having a lot of round aspects to my physique this adds a nice sharpness to my overall look. I like the material too. I got black which is always a good choice for workout shorts. They fit in a way that complimented the body of someone who works out while not being too snug for people with larger butts.

Purchased Kinda Fit Kinda Fat Training Shorts
Certified Taste Tester
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Embracing that we are ALL a work in progress is a mentality that goes beyond the gym. As we celebrate our 6th Birthday, we reflect back on the journey it took to get here today.The KFKF philosophy serves as a reminder to be proud of yourself every step of the way and has been at the forefront of everything we do as a brand, as a team, and as individuals. It’s truly incredible to see our community grow with others who also resonate with this message.

To our Kinda Fit Kinda Fat community, we personally want to thank each and every one of you for supporting us throughout OUR journey. We wouldn’t be here without you. Thank you for Making Gainz Both Ways with us!

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