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    Kinda Fit Kinda Fat Women’s Bottoms

    Our exclusive collection of size-inclusive women’s bottoms can be worn along every step in your fitness journey, from sweating it out at the gym to relaxing around the house on a rest day. That’s because we think personal fitness should be an enjoyable process, not a grind, and we’re committed to creating workout wear that you’ll feel comfortable and confident in. With our bottoms, you’ll be Making Gainz Both Ways! Kinda Fit Kinda Fat women’s bottoms come in various styles, shades, and patterns, so you can find the perfect pair that matches your style. Not only that, but we guarantee a perfect fit too – no matter your body type. We’re all about body diversity and inclusion, so whether you’re “kinda fit,” or “kinda fat,” you’ll love the way you look in our bottoms. Explore our collection of women’s bottoms today! Finding Your Perfect Fit At Kinda Fit Kinda Fat, we’re all about making your experience easy and just as enjoyable as your workouts in our apparel should be. That starts with finding your perfect fit. We think athletic and athleisure apparel be accessible to everyone and fit every body type just as well. However, that sadly isn’t always the case. We understand that it can be difficult for some to find the right fit when you’re in and out of the gym. Many of us have been there ourselves, which is why we take pride in being a size-inclusive brand. But we didn’t stop there – in addition to offering a larger variety of sizes of women’s bottoms than you’ll find elsewhere, we also never upcharge bigger sizes. About Kinda Fit Kinda Fat Body diversity and inclusivity have always been a core aspect of Kinda Fit Kinda Fat. We believe that every person and their body are worthy of being respected, valued, and deserving of equal representation and opportunity. It’s our mission to empower as many people as possible and give them the inspiration and apparel they need to pursue whatever their personal fitness goals are. Kinda Fit Kinda Fat is more than a brand – it’s a community. No matter how kinda “fit” or “fat” you are, if you like food, fitness, and anything in between, you’ll fit right in. Join us!