Recap of an Unforgettable Feed the Feels Night Market!

A massive round of applause and heartfelt gratitude go out to the remarkable vendors, Strongman Showcase hosts: Coachella's Strongest and HOT Barbell Club, Spicy Noodle Challenge and Watermelon Crusher Challenge contestants, and our community for making our first mini FEED THE FEELS NIGHT MARKET an unforgettable experience!



We held this community event at our KFKF Warehouse this past weekend and provided our community with a variety of vendors, including: diverse apparel (Latina Lifters, Heart and Soul Strong, Vulnerability is Dope), tasty food (AiLeilani's Grill, Sushi Joe, Ube Breadbox, Madame Shugah), tarot readings and merch by Hanna (Not So Sunny), skincare and beauty (Hello Gorgeous, Goddess Supplements), whimsical pottery by Clayclops Ceramics, and super cute accessories (Goobers Only, Superbloom.Co) . We also hosted a mini warehouse sale and had a pop up shop for the KFKF store! This vibey pop up shop featured with our latest drop including our Hot Chestos and Yabulk shirts! The vibes were immaculate with DJ Obana spinning everything from house to hip hop all night long, providing our guests with fun music to dance to.





As the evening unfolded, the immersive Strongman Showcase became the highlight of the night. Laurence (Coachella's Strongest Strongman Show) and Dr. Andrew Mock (HOT Barbell Club) and their fellow gym members/competitors helped the community try various strongman equipment. The crescendo of excitement echoed through the air as participants and spectators alike gathered to witness various crowd members lift the 270-300 pound massive Hummer Tire Deadlift for reps! Shortly after, we had Adrian pull a car for the first time along with amateur strongman competitor Isaiah who did an arm over arm truck pull. The crowd went wild for this amazing feat and even inspired Femme Fatale, a team of 3 strongwomen, to pull the car as well!





To the valiant contenders who stepped up to the plate and embraced the fiery challenge of the Spicy Noodle Challenge of 5 servings of the iconic 2X Spicy Buldak noodles, we applaud your bravery to slurp the heat as fast as you could! Special guest Raina, a competitive eater, swept the competition by finishing her noodles in 50 seconds! Our foodie ambassador Samuel took second place swiftly after, and community member Matt Degroat took third. Missed out on the challenge but love spicy noodles? Grab our exclusive Bulkdak shirt here.




Yes, you saw it correctly. Our contestants took a huge watermelon and used all of their strength to try and crush it between their thighs! Challengers included Claudia (a competitive olympic weightlifter), Heather (Powerlifting baker Madame Shugah), Matt (a thicc spin cycle instructer), Isaiah (amateur strongman) and various community members. To our surprise, the only winner was our own very own vendor Chris Clayclops -- creator of our limited S'more Gainz Planter -- who CRUSHED TWO ENTIRE WATERMELONS with no sweat! Contestants were undoubtably sore after persevering with all of their might but gave the crowd an entertaining show filled with laughter and cheers.



This mini Feed the Feels Night Market was a huge success for us. It was a celebration of community, creativity, and shared passion that will forever hold a special place in our hearts. To all who contributed, attended, and supported – you are the inspiration of this extraordinary journey, and we can't wait to embark on many more adventures together! Catch you on the next bite!!


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