626 Night Market Recap

It's a bit warm outside as you wait in the security line to head into the 626 night market. You arrived early to beat the rush so you look ahead of you in anticipation as you near the entrance gate. You get a glimpse of someone walking by with a crispy fried giant squid. As you reach the gate, you start salivating at the delicious smells of a variety of foods in air and your stomach churns in excitement. You finally get through security and are greeted with a burst of color and joy. Eccentric anime and fun kawaii vendors burst before your eyes and you can see food vendors ranging from Filipino desserts, rainbow elote, fresh masubi, boba, and more for what seems like miles!

Photo courtesy of Alex R (IG:aflex.media)

KFKF's time at this past weekend's 626 night market was a blast. From being able to see familiar faces and supporters from years ago to meeting new members of the KFKF family, we were so excited to be able to hang out with every single one of you again!  

The three day night market was filled with delicious foods, incredible and creative vendors, and exciting entertainment with live bands and other acts. 626 night market has been a staple event in the area and is continually growing. Being here reminded us a bit of our Food Fashion Frenzy show we hosted with back in 2019 and we're excited to be able to share more experiences with the KFKF community. 

Photo of KFKF Food Fashion Frenzy at 626 Night Market 2019

This last weekend marked the end of this year's 626 night market festival but stay tuned for next year's event if you're in town. If you're looking for where KFKF will be next, be sure to sign up for our calendar and newsletter for updates as they come along!

Photo courtesy of Alex R (IG:aflex.media)


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