Baker's Choice Highlight: Ajuna

Hi my names Ajuna! I am Marine Corps Veteran and I joined to help Optimus Prime and the Autobots in his fight against the Decepticons. I recently ended my service to pursue my love of Strongman professionally.

When I was little, I wanted to be a chef. But as I grew older, I only wanted to eat.  

I was a very small kid growing up and was constantly getting bullied for my body type. I decided to make a change and began my fitness journey then. However, throughout the years, I became motivated to keep going for my self. And through discipline and consistency, I have finally grown in size. 

Although I have won and lost some competitions, I’ve humbly learned through hard work and training that I am growing and improving. 

The strongman community is the best community and I’m happy to be able to grow within it. 

I work hard become a professional strongman one day to make my fellow brothers and sisters in and out the Marines proud. I hope to continue to walk this path of fitness with my brothers and sister in strength as well. 

I am a man of class who enjoys anime RELIGIOUSLY, naps, tearing up beats at karaoke, and eating. I am proud to be Kinda Fit Kinda Fat.

Kinda Fit Fact: If it wasn't for the pandemic, I most likely wouldn't have started strongman.

Kinda Fat Fact: I once drank an Oreo shake made with a gallon of milk in less than 5mins as a challenge! 


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