Baker's Choice Highlight: Beefy

"As the years go by I'm learning to love myself more and more." -Beefy

"I was a typical chubby kid growing up cared very little about sports mostly food 🥴 for example if I had to run a mile for school that wasn’t going to happen but for lunch you bet your ass I was the first one..  anyways as a kid I dealt with being uncomfortable in my own skin, name calling heavy breathing, etc! At the age of twelve I was given a membership by my sister and the journey started from then and on! When I first started training I struggled with my social anxiety and also not knowing how to train properly. I was afraid of people making fun of the way I looked, but I did my best and didn’t allow the negativity to stop me from doing what I needed to do to better myself! Today, I still deal with some mental battles that at times break me down but I have to continue pushing myself because in the end it’s building a stronger foundation mentally and physically🥩

When I began getting into fitness, I at first started with just cardio and simple machines, but then eventually I got into lifting heavy weight. Luckily I was surrounded with pretty knowledgeable people that taught me how to follow a program and immediately fell in love with the sport! Ate like bodybuilder trained like a damn powerlifter and little by little my body was molded into something I was really proud of! 


When I first discovered Kinda Fit Kinda Fat, I was like damn this was made for a guy like me! This brand has taught me to practice more self love and enjoy the damn journey like everyone should! I proudly wear this apparel because it’s who I am! 🥩 In the end as the years go by I'm learning to love myself more and more especially looking back to where I first started! Special thanks to the @kindafitkindafat team, you guys are beautiful.


My name is Beefy. In n Out is my post training gainz go to and I am Kinda Fit Kinda Fat!"


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