Baker's Choice Highlight: Liz

"Be a bad ass and do it!" - Liz

"For me, getting into fitness was very daunting. I held back from getting into sports that I knew I would be good in because I felt self conscious about my body.

Once I saw people who looked like me doing the sport, that's what really propelled me forward to say, 'Hey! I wanna do that! I started powerlifting when I was 38. I'm 41 now and I didn't compete until I was 40. I didn't think I was a competitive person, and I honestly didn't think that I had it in me.

It was all me being scared. My advice to those out there who are afraid because of their body image is to just do it! Don't care about what you look like. If its hot, take your shirt off. Wear your short shorts. Who cares about your cellulite or your age. Be a bad ass and do it!"


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