Baker's Choice Highlight: Jose

"We all have goals and it's about time we focused on enjoying the journey as well." - Jose


"I came with my family from Mexico when I was 14 and I was largely out of shape. I wasn't accustomed to the lifestyle here, and my weight made it even harder for me to fit in. I decided to become more active by playing basketball and running. I lost over 75 lbs in a year. I continued that routine during my college career, but realized that I wasn't very strong when I drove to the basket. So I added weight lifting to my workout routine and became stronger with more emphasis on muscle mass. 

Throughout my weight and fitness journey, I had my fair share of struggles with fads. Whenever I would go super hard into a fad supplement or diet, the results always ended up being temporary and I realized that my self worth was decreasing. What did the trick for me was the combination of flexible dieting, some cardio and dedicated weightlifting. 

KFKF is a community of athletes of all shapes and size. KFKF is community of athletes, helping each other reach their own personal goals while remembering to enjoy life in the present as well. This movement reminds people to enjoy balance. We all have goals and it's about time we focused on enjoying the journey as well.

My name is Jose. My favorite food is pizza with wings and steak on the top (yes, that is a thing lol) and I squat on chest days and I am Kinda Fit Kinda Fat."



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