Baker's Choice Highlight: Josh

“I strive to be better than myself, instead of everybody else.” - Josh

"I grew up as a big kid. Being a 6’2 Filipino, I definitely stood out and had many body types. I grew up heavy, then played football throughout high school as an offensive lineman, which got me into athletic shape with lots of cardio and heavy weightlifting. Thereafter, I really got into bootcamp/crossfit which prepared me for a handful of Spartan Races and running at the beach for some Half Marathons. Now I just try and maintain a healthy lifestyle of cardio, weightlifting and dieting. I really enjoy biking, running and weight lifting. 

Property of Josh

I would tell others to own their body image. I also have a chronic rash skin condition called Psoriasis. There are treatments for it, but it will always be a part of my body and I own it. I hope everyone else takes care of their body and does not feel ashamed. I have my moments of body insecurity when I compare myself to others but I am learning to own up to my body shape and not feel ashamed of it. In the end, I strive to be better than myself, instead of everybody else.

My Name is Joshua. I am a Respiratory Therapist working in the Emergency Department. I really love Disney (my favorite character is Baymax), snowboarding, biking, world traveling and working out. I love to cook and bake on my spare time (Insta: chefjoshiewashie) and enjoy playing with my dog Bailey (Insta: baileydaminihusky) and I am Kinda Fit Kinda Fat!"


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