Baker's Choice Highlight: Karl

"For me, its a reminder that no matter what part of my fitness journey I'm on, my self worth never changes." - Karl

"I started working out in 2009 and my fitness journey has been all over the place. Being a gay man there is a lot of pressure from the community on how you should look. It was a lot of smooth bodies with ripped muscles and abs. It’s definitely improved a lot recently, but it’s definitely still there. When I first started working out my workouts had a lot more cardio in them. That all changed when I was in a car accident in 2015 and suffered a lower back injury and I was not able to work out for a few months, which caused me to gain weight. I was extremely unmotivated and worried about getting back into the gym after almost six months of not going to the gym, so I hired a personal trainer to help me reach my goals. It has really helped me a lot with not only holding me accountable but also with increasing the amount of weight I can lift. Shortly after this, I moved to Seattle and I noticed how much more body diverse the city was which made me less insecure about having some extra pounds.

A couple of years ago I discovered KFKF when I saw someone on Instagram with a shirt with the half-weight plate and half-pizza (my favorite). After reading more about the message of the KFKF and the founders, I fell in love and like I had really found my place. Now I buy the shirts regularly and wear them for every workout. When I wear the shirts outside of the gym I often get compliments on them and find that a lot of other people out there relate to the message which is uplifting as well. For me, its a reminder that no matter what part of my fitness journey I'm on, my self worth and value never changes.

My name is Karl. Pizza and leg day are my loves and I am Kinda Fit Kinda Fat!


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