Baker's Choice Highlight: Mads

"I'm worthy of fitness at any stage and any size." - Madison

"My fitness journey started two years ago. I was extremely lost in a lot of ways and knew that I needed to get my body moving. I originally started with a weight loss specific goal which introduced me to deadlifting. It was actually through KFKF that I found out what powerlifting was! I was absolutely amazed seeing people lift such heavy weights and knew immediately that there was nothing more that I wanted than to be strong and powerful. From there, I started maxing out deadlifts for fun and when I hit 300, I knew this was something I wanted to take seriously. When I moved back home, I found a powerlifting coach and a barbell gym and haven’t stopped since! 

An obstacle I have always faced is the size of my body. I have always been told that I need to be smaller and for a long time, I really tied my worth to that. I’ve been on some kind of diet since I was five. Powerlifting shows me what I’m capable of! There is nothing better than overcoming that barbell & the heavy weights. Powerlifting has saved me in so many ways - it’s always reminding me that I can adjust and overcome. 

KFKF has shown me that I’m worthy of fitness at any stage & any size. Wearing the apparel gives me confidence and pride in myself. KFKF has also reminded me that I can train hard and even have pride in being kinda fit & kinda fat and who I am in the present while working towards my goals.

My name is Madison and I’m from Utah! I work in accounting for a fiber optics company which allows me to learn about the future of infrastructure. I’m a powerlifter and outside of lifting weights, my favorite hobbies include embroidering & gaming. I can run a mile in under 12 minutes 🤣, cinnamon rolls are my favorite, and I am Kinda Fit Kinda Fat."


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