Baker's Choice Highlight: Neamitupou

Baker's Choice Highlight: Neamitupou

"The only thing that matters is what YOU think about yourself."

"I fell in love with cross training and rugby because it kept me away from the streets. I grew up with friends that got into trouble with the law, etc. My siblings introduced me to the game of rugby and it hit skyrocket from there! I ended up playing rugby and football year-round throughout high school and college.

Rugby is my coping mechanism and my safe place. Rugby made me who I am today. It taught me a lot of stuff growing up like discipline, teamwork, selflessness, respect, and much more. Who would have known where I would be if it wasn't for rugby and athletics.

The KFKF message is straightforward. I relate it to my everyday life! Never let anyone put you down. The only think that matters is what YOU think about yourself. I always want to be great in everything I do; I know I am happy with what I got and what I will accomplish.

My name is Neamitupou. I enjoy pushing sleds and eating ramen noodles with eggs, hotdogs and ketchup after every workout and I am proudly Kinda Fit Kinda Fat."


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