Baker's Choice Highlight: Tiny Transforms

Hi, I’m Tiny and I am a Bahraini/Seychellois crossfitter based in Manama, Bahrain. I am 32 years old and love working out because it’s therapeutic for me!

tiny transforms

It used to be very hard to find gym attire that not only physically fit me, but suited my personality and motto too. I stumbled across Kinda Fit Kinda Fat and it was love at first bite! My journey is going very well because I finally found a place where I fit in and a coach that understands me. I’ve been proudly rocking KFKF inside and outside of the gym ever since inside.

KFKF means so much to be because it’s a brand that suits my drive — I go to the gym because I love my food, my CrossFit community, and how it makes me feel mentally and physically. Doing it in my KFKF attire makes it more fun and motivating!

💪 Kinda Fit Fact: Deadlifts and back squats give me maximum gainz!

🍩 Kinda Fat Fact: Pasta and extra spicy fried chicken are my weakness 🍝🍗


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