Cartoons, Carbs, and Creatine

The bell rings and you rush home from school to watch the latest cartoons, catch up on your favorite video games, and read your favorite comic books. Mom walks in your room to give you your bao snack for the day and you couldn't be happier. 
Our September collection pays homage to these nostalgic memories. We're throwing it back by sharing a bit of our childhood experiences, through food, anime, cartoons, and gainz. Introducing the "Cartoons, Carbs, & Creatine" Collection!
This collection celebrates a glimpse of the KFKF team's upbringings. From cartoons, to Asian foods and snacks, to anime. Our designs pay homage to our experiences and memories growing up and we are excited to share a piece of that with our KFKF Community. Connecting our love for fitness and combining it not only with food but our love of "nerd" and anime culture is something we are so excited to start and continue doing.
These few pieces are just the beginning. We can't wait to take you on the journey with us as we continue to make gainz both ways together! Catch this collection 9/17/21 at 6:30 pm PST and we will catch you on the next bite!

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