Hungry and Proud | DTLA Proud Festival

"We are committed to celebrating everyone's story, spreading optimism, growing our community and expanding our definition of diversity. By the community. For the community." - DTLA Proud

A non-profit organization focusing on bringing strength and empowerment to the local LGBTQ+ & Ally community in DTLA, DTLA Proud utilizes visibility, volunteerism, partnerships, and events to bring together safe spaces for all people to thrive. In cohesion with their mission, DTLA Proud's many fundraisers have gone to building a community center aimed at providing services such as counseling, testing, financial advisers, career consulting, mental health and substance abuse, mentorship programs, senior support and more to the DTLA public. 

In 2019, DTLA Proud provided our early KFKF staff with a free of charge brand consulting session as well as provided a custom built space in their festival for the KFKF team. 

Our team learned so much from the DTLA Proud team and we are honored to be able to continue to work with such a great organization.


This year, KFKF is PROUDly sponsoring the marketplace tents allowing different growing LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs in the DTLA area to have space at this upcoming festival free of charge. Here at KFKF, we hope to continue to show the kindness we have been given to others; to cultivate a space and opportunities where dreamers, creators, and visionaries alike can thrive and succeed.

If you're in town come visit us this weekend August 28-29 at DTLA Proud Festival 2021! For more information, you can check our KFKF Baking News Calendar for more updates on this event and many more! #hungryandproud


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