Feed the Feels Mini: Glazed and Confused Ceramics Exhibit


When creativity meets community, magic happens. This past weekend was a testament to seeing the vision behind local ceramic artists come alive!
Chris from Clayclops Ceramics invited over 20 of his fellow artists from his favorite pottery studio, Clay on First in Long Beach, California. This event brought together local artists, their stunning pottery creations, and an atmosphere filled with excitement and appreciation for those who love the craft.
Everyone's pottery pieces had a story to tell and many of them were generously raffled off throughout the event! From intricately designed vases, whimsically colorful mugs and planters, to beautifully crafted sculptures, this event was truly a celebration of the boundless possibilities that arise when talented individuals come together to showcase their art.
We had a booth and featured exclusive handmade S'more Gainz Planters by Chris along with some incredible vendors. Madame Shugah was a crowd favorite with her delicious vegan gourmet desserts that paired perfectly with the cutest retro inspired coffee cart by Revive Coffee Cart! Sax Mink music played his set live with the vibiest beats, setting the tone for an evening of headbobbing and dancing to supersonic synthwave sounds.
A huge hit with the crowd was the DIY Clay Corner where guests were able to make their own masterpieces from colorful polymer clay! We baked them in an air fryer to harden their 3D art and sent them home with a custom souvenir. We were pleasantly impressed throughout the night by all of the wonderful and unique creations!!
We already have so many requests for the next Feed the Feels Ceramics Event and we can't wait to host more community events in the future! Stay updated by subscribing to our email newsletter and announcements on social media. We have some surprises in store for you!
What IS Feed the Feels?
Feed the Feels started out as a deliciously curated series where we featured fulfilling “meals” of inspirational stories of local artists, creatives, and visionaries from our incredible community. With this series, we aspired to spark meaningful conversations and provide a safe and welcoming space for our community to feel SEEN, RESONATE, and DREAM.
Last December, we hosted a huge Feed the Feels event and invited out community for an immersive experience featuring our Foodie Fashion Show and showcased a diverse array of talented musical artists. This year, we wanted to take the experience locally by having with mini events in our warehouse, thus, the Feed the Feels Mini Event Series was born!
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