Hungry and Proud: DTLA Pop-Up Shop Experience & the History of KFKF and DTLA Proud

The partnership between KFKF and DTLA Proud has been a vibrant and inspiring journey, filled with mutual support, inclusivity, and aligning missions. celebration of the LGBTQ+ community. 

It all began in 2019 when KFKF was granted the incredible opportunity to become a vendor at the iconic DTLA Proud Festival for the very first time. This marked a significant milestone for KFKF, as it allowed us to showcase our delicious offerings to the LGBTQ+ community in-person at an event.

However, the DTLA Proud team didn't stop at just providing a vendor space. They demonstrated their unwavering commitment to supporting small businesses by going above and beyond. They offered KFKF a free brand consulting session, understanding the importance of creating a cohesive and impactful brand identity. Additionally, they custom built us a store space, ensuring that KFKF had a unique and visually appealing presence at the festival.

In 2021 and 2022, we were able to pay it forward. Recognizing the significance of empowering emerging LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs and brands, KFKF proudly sponsored the DTLA Proud Festival Marketplace. By doing so, they enabled other passionate individuals and businesses to have a chance to showcase their creative vision. It was eye opening seeing familiar faces throughout the years and making new connections with the community.

In 2023, the partnership between KFKF and DTLA Proud reached new heights of collaboration and community-building. DTLA Proud graciously offered KFKF a month-long pop-up shop experience at their ART Community Center, located at the iconic BLOC LA. This immersive in-store experience allowed the community to come together in a welcoming and vibrant space, truly encapsulating the spirit of inclusivity and pride with a huge sprinkled rainbow!

Within the pop-up shop, we introduced in-store exclusives (like a KFKF lunch bag), enticing visitors with limited edition treats and merchandise. The store was adorned with colorful decorations along with life sized mascots: our fitfat Crumbies! We also featured two queer owned businesses: Slushropes and Clayclops Ceramics, showcasing a variety of colorful, handmade goods.

The month-long pop-up shop at the DTLA Proud ART Community Center became a thriving hub of positivity, creativity, and support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Overall, working with DTLA Proud serves as a testament to the power of collaboration. We're humbly honored to witness how this organization amplifies safe spaces -- where people could express themselves, embrace their identities with pride, and uplift LGBTQ+ voices and businesses. 

Working with such an incredible organization has truly been an honor and we’re so grateful for the opportunities and kindness we’ve been given. We hope to return the generosity and goodwill to others, to continue cultivating an environment and opportunities where dreamers, creators, and visionaries alike can thrive and succeed. 

Thank you to DTLA Proud, Oliver, and to everyone who supported our Kinda Fit Kinda Fat Pop-Up Store Experience!!


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