Hungry and Proud: Milk+T (Beyah and Stacey)

“Milk+T” - Est. 2015

Located in the heart of Little Tokyo, Milk+T started as a self-serve boba truck and has since grown to a vibing and thriving boba shop. Taking pictures of their handcrafted drinks with all-natural ingredients is sure to get you likes on Instagram, and drinking it is sure to get you #bobawasted. The founders Beyah and Stacey aren't afraid to live proudly, creating safe spaces for everyone to live fully and freely.

Property of Milk+T

How did you decide to start Milk+T?

Stacey: "Ever since high school, I wanted to start a shop: something to call my own. After graduating from college, none of the career choices seemed to fit, so I just went for it. I met Beayuh, who was also looking to start a business. At first she was scared that I wanted to meet just to scam money out of her, but fortunately she ended up agreeing to meet with me, and after my pitch, we became business partners. The timing was just perfect for both of us to start a boba shop!"

Property of Milk+T

What Business Advice would you give to other people who are considering starting up their own tea shop?

Beyah: "When opportunities come, trust your gut. If it seems like there are no opportunities for you, create ones for yourself. Toss out all of the excuses, get moving, and get it done for the sake of you knowing that you went out there and did it. And when one door closes, three doors open up! So, keep your head up, and work your hardest for what you believe in."

Kinda Fit Fact: “Does raving count as cardio?”
Kinda Fat Fact: “Oreo Slushy is life.”


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