Baked With: Adapt. Gold Blooded Collection

"We believe in the concepts of advancement, progress, and positive change for ourselves and for the individuals and communities that we serve." - Adapt.


Who is Adapt.?  

Adapt. is a Bay Area born streetwear brand developed in 2002 founded by Evan Lessler. From a small apartment in UC Davis to a full blown influential streetwear company heavily influenced by sports, pop culture, and more, Adapt. has continued to push grow its community and those around them and has become a highly respected brand in Bay Area and the streetwear community. 

What does it mean to be Gold Blooded?

“In early 2011, 7+ years into Adapt.’s existence (Adapt. is turning 18 this year), Adapt. developed the Gold Blooded graphic as part of our burgeoning sports-themed offerings, to join SF State of Mind, Misfit, S(J)hark, and a few others. It immediately became a customer favorite and an integral part of Adapt.’s brand, and ten years and hundreds of thousands of hoodies, hats, and accessories later it has come to represent the bay area and beyond in a significant way. On [Gold Blooded’s] tenth anniversary, Adapt. wanted to celebrate by collaborating with friends, artists, and brands with releases over the course of the year featuring their interpretations of the Gold Blooded brand. These are entities that we not only hold great respect for, but who have built and continue to build their empires every single day. Gold Blooded is the passion and determination to achieve your goals amidst any and all adversity.” -Evan, Founder of Adapt.


KFKF x Adapt.

Kinda Fit Kinda Fat’s mission has always been to share community and self love along all stages of one’s personal fitness journey. We strive to show that you can find pride and happiness in the present while still working towards your goals. With having a positive mentality about your worth and truly learning to embrace your value and accomplishments in the present, you will be equipped with the confidence and support necessary to achieve your ambitions and personal goals for the future.

In the same way that we aim to find growth through positivity,  Adapt. brand  “believes in the concepts of advancement, progress, and positive change for ourselves and for the individuals and communities that we serve. [Adapt. is] passionate about music, athletics, media, art, design, and where we come from, and hope to reflect these pursuits in the garments we produce.”

Both KFKF and Adapt. look to continue to build our respective communities through all aspects of life, including but not limited to arts, music, fitness, food, designs, and so much more. Through KFKF's projects such as Feed the Feel's focusing on highlighting KFKF artists and multiple community events KFKF has held like the "Food Fashion Frenzy," KFKF's strong belief in community aligns with Adapt.'s goal through streetwear.

The Gold Blooded mantra “is the passion and determination to achieve your goals amidst any and all adversity.” Here at KFKF, to be Gold Blooded is to defeat the insecurities you may have of yourself; to find your value against all adversity. In alignment with Adapt.'s mission, KFKF shares the Gold Blooded mantra to overcome. At KFKF we aim to find our inner strength to overcome our self-doubt and barriers that society places on us to truly find the kindness and happiness we deserve. To be Gold Blooded is to value your worth as if your veins were truly coursing with the precious gold metal itself.


The Kinda Fit Kinda Fat and Adapt. mentality is what drives people into action to achieve their goals. Will Ha, a model for the KFKF x Adapt. shoot and co-owner of Raw Performance Strength and Conditioning Gym in Alamitos, CA, was asked about his personal experience:

“I totally believe in progress and positive change for ourselves and our community.  I believe in constantly improving our physical selves and mental health. Fifteen years ago I adapted powerlifting to help improve myself physically and mentally.  From this change I have enjoyed the journey for myself and the community around me. My partners and I had envisioned a gym where we can merge mental health with physical change to help create a supportive, friendly and genuine community where everyone is there to help each other out and build friendships.”


This year marks the 10 year anniversary of Adapt’s highly successful “Gold Blooded” line. It is an honor for Kinda Fit Kinda Fat to have been one of the companies chosen to add to the Adapt. culture and message to always strive to be better. Keep “Making Gainz Both Ways” and stay “Gold Blooded” KFKF fam.


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