KFKF's Fit Foodie Face Off ft. Reign: Raina vs Jonathan

The stage is set. The fitness and foodie worlds collide as each contestant takes a step into each other's arena to find out what it really takes to be in fitness and to be a foodie. 

KFKF's Fit Foodie Face Off was started to bring the two worlds of fitness and food together. We aim to show multiple types of workouts, sports, great places to eat, food challenges and more through fun, positivity, and fit foodie goodness!

On today's face off, renowned fitness trainer and Reign athlete Jonathan Coyle takes on competitive eater Raina! 

Jonathan Coyle is a renowned fitness trainer and Reign athlete. His use and emphasis on functional movements and fitness philosophy has garnered him successful results in his fitness programs and trainings! His competitor today, Raina, is a competitive eater. She has done countless food challenges that she shares on her social media.

For this first episode, Jonathan takes Raina through her first circuit workout at Global Fitness in Gardena, CA. Here Jonathan shows Raina a glimpse of the fitness world, taking her through a variety of exercises including box jumps, farmer carries, and more!

 After their solid workout session, it is now Raina's turn to take Jonathan into her world of competitive eating. This showdown takes place at Blake's Beast BBQ in Anaheim where these two competitors take on The Beast Sandwich Challenge!

Courtesy of Blake's Place Restaurant

The Beast: contains "slow smoked pulled pork, pulled BBQ chicken, chopped beef brisket, coleslaw, pickle, red onion, and Blak'e's BBQ sauce. Served on their enormously oversized fresh baked bun and weighing in at over 2.5 pounds, this sandwich is for the real BBQ enthusiast!" (Blake's Place)



Time Limit:

20 Minutes


– Free T-shirt

– Free bumper sticker

– Picture on Wall of Fame

After an audience count down, the competitors come in hot, racing to beat the 20 minute time limit.

Who will "Reign" as the winner of this Fit Foodie Face Off?! You decide! Catch the entire episode over at our KFKF Kitchen on Youtube!

And as always, Keep Making Gainz Both Ways and we'll catch you on the next bite!



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