Stay Hungry: The Hunger Is Real

It can often be a challenge to find the perfect item when shopping for clothes. You usually find yourself wishing that something about it was different. Or there’s just something about it you wish you could change. Sometimes it’s the color, sometimes the design. You could be critical of the material, or even most importantly, wanting just the right size and fit. You’re just looking for something that’s right for you.
In the midst of searching through a plethora of apparel, you finally find something that catches your eye. You look at it for a few seconds, start thinking of outfits you can create with it, and maybe even try it on. You start having a conversation with yourself before you make the final decision to spend your hard-earned money on this piece of clothing. But then, as you put it on, things take a turn. You’re not satisfied with the color. The design. The size. And probably the most frustrating of all, the fit.
Chief Design Officer Meena understands this struggle all too well, and has chosen to take it up as a challenge.
"It’s taken over 30 years to STOP hating myself, and a few more to start loving myself and to gain confidence and have better self esteem. I’m so happy to share what I’ve been working on for the past year and a half, and there is so much more to come. My goal in life is to make sure no one else takes that long to love themselves. My little contribution to this goal is providing quality size inclusive athletic wear - something that I never had growing up.

The hunger is real- the hunger to expand this line so everyone feels included from size XS to 4XL. The hunger to provide clothing for all. The hunger to make sure no one else goes through three entire decades of hating the skin they’re in. The hunger to stop the haters that told me we’d never last a year, the hunger to show that no, we are not “pRoMoTiNg oBeSiTy” when the opposite is true.

The Stay Hungry Collection is an homage to all of the above. To remind you to stay hungry to crush your goals, to grind and strive for your next PR, to be humble but still relish in your victories." - Meena
The Stay Hungry Collection is made with every *body* in mind. It aims to challenge the sizing discrepancies and inconsistencies in both men AND women’s clothing. In this collection, you will see sizes XS to 4XL, all within the same selection. No more wishing your size was available in a specific design. No more paying extra just because you wear a plus size. And no more finding yourself in a secluded section of the store with limited options. This new collection will allow you to stay excited about new clothes and about the shopping process, stay motivated on your fitness journey, and most importantly, this collection will allow you to Stay Hungry.

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