USA Weightlifting Nationals Recap!

Kinda Fit Kinda Fat at USAW Nationals

We had an amazing time at USA Weightlifting Nationals in Vegas! It was a blast getting to meet such a diverse crowd that came from all over the world to compete and support this thrilling and respected sport.

KFKF Brand Ambassador: Mary

Our incredible KFKF Ambassador, Mary Theisen-Lappen, had a competitive performance in a stacked 87kg+ class, alongside Olympian Sarah Robles! Lappen challenged herself to a 116kg/255lbs snatch opener, the highest she's ever taken.

mary theisen-lappen at usa weightlifting nationals

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Although Lappen unfortunately got injured on her second clean and jerk attempt in a courageous effort to make the world team, we're confident that her resilience, positive attitude, and short hiatus to heal, will fuel her comeback to the platform soon. With the crowd in full support with cheers and applause after every attempt, Lappen has truly become a huge inspiration to the community with her unparalleled work ethic, charisma, and dedication to the sport and her athletes.

USAW Podcast with Kinda Fit Kinda Fat

Make sure to check out the USAW podcast with the Kinda Fit Kinda Fat team where we talk about the importance of representation in strength sports, overcoming societal pressures with eating, learning to focus on the journey, and our favorite foods! Disclaimer: this episode may have you salivating.

As always, we look forward to more exhilarating USA Weightlifting events and are excited to continue sparking more conversation, awareness, and action for body diversity! 

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