Eddie Jo Williams crushes WORLD RECORD of the Nicol Stones!

(photos from @giantslivestrongman)

The Giants Live 2023 Strongman Classic at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England, witnessed a historic moment as our athlete Eddie Williams, the Australian Singing Strongman, set a new World Record for Nicol Stones. With immense strength and determination, Eddie quickly climbed the leaderboard, leaving the crowd in awe and cheer as he triumphed in this gripping event. 

(photos from @giantslivestrongman)

Eddie's Spectacular Nicol Stone Triumph:

Eddie Williams showcased his extraordinary abilities during the Nicol Stones event, an iconic opening event at the Strongman Classic. The challenge involved carrying two uneven stones, weighing an astounding 114 kilos (251 pounds) and 139 kilos (306 pounds), for distance. With a massive 31.66-meter carry, Eddie not only dominated the competition, but also set a new standard for future contenders to aspire to.

As Eddie persevered through the grueling event, the audience at the Royal Albert Hall erupted into cheers, celebrating his every step toward the finish line. His unwavering determination was evident on his face, and the joyous smile he wore was infectious. He's a huge fan of grip events and this was truly a moment of triumph and a testament to Eddie's dedication and hard work.

(photos from @giantslivestrongman)

The Singing Strongman's Dazzling Performance:

Eddie Williams isn't just a powerhouse of strength; he is also an entertainer with a captivating voice. Between events, Eddie took the opportunity to charm the crowd with a special musical performance. Alongside renowned organ musician Anna Lapwood, he serenaded the audience with Robbie Williams' 1997 classic hit "Angels," creating another magical and unforgettable moment at the 2023 Strongman Classic.

Eddie Williams' World Record-setting performance at the Giants Live 2023 Strongman Classic will be etched in strongman history. His display of incredible strength and spirit, combined with his captivating singing, made him a standout and crowd favorite at the event. As we celebrate this historic accomplishment, we can't help but be inspired by Eddie's dedication and passion, both as an athlete and an entertainer. Here's to the Singing Strongman and his bright future, as he continues to push the boundaries with his goal to become to first Polynesian to win World's Strongest Man!


(Eddie x KFKF "One Trip Wonder" collaboration 2019)

Future Celebrations and Collaborations:

With a new World Record to his name, Eddie Williams has undoubtedly left a lasting impression on the Strongman community and beyond. To honor this momentous achievement, a new KFKF x Eddie Williams collaborative design is in the works, inspired by Eddie's first iconic shirt, "One Trip Wonder." Fans can eagerly anticipate this special edition as a memento of Eddie's groundbreaking feat. Stay tuned for updates from our social media!


8/23/23 UPDATE: The revamped One Trip Wonder shirt is finally here! Grab this exclusive limited edition collaboration shirt this Friday, 8/25/23 at 6:30pm PST!


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