Christopher Ngo

Warehouse Operations Manager

My entire life, I've always felt out of place and I was never comfortable with myself.
My weight always fluctuates because of my insecurities. I've been anorexic, I've been fat, I've been "fit", but the one thing I never was, was to be just me. With that being said, the "me" is the person who loves to be active and most of all, the person that loves FOOD!

Kinda Fit Kinda Fat's message is revolutionary to the stigma of "normal", and that can almost mean ANYTHING! Being Kinda Fit Kinda Fat to me means that everyone comes in their own beautiful shapes and sizes, and that's amazing! I can't imagine where there is a world where everyone looks the same, that would be so boring! It is very heartwarming to know that there is a community of KFKF Tribe members out there spreading the love and message of what it means to them to be "Kinda Fit Kinda Fat".

The best moments for me being with this company so far is when I am able to make the genuine connections with the KFKF Tribe community. That feeling is so surreal and it drives me knowing that KFKF's message is powerful enough to change someone's perspective on life and their own perspectives on themselves. For me, I know that having that KFKF mindset changed my perspective to be more open, to be more accepting, and to be more loving.

My name is Christopher, my friends call me Potato, I will forever always be weird and I will always be Kinda Fit Kinda Fat.