Hanna Ko

Graphic Designer

As taboo as it may sound, I was the skinny girl with body dysmorphia issues. Many of my friends despised me for never being happy with the way I looked. Growing up Asian-American, I felt I needed to be “picture-perfect” and struggled with low self-esteem. A few years ago, I decided to build confidence by living a healthy lifestyle and start loving myself. Around the same time, I was introduced to Kinda Fit Kinda Fat which became the support and community I never thought I needed.

KFKF helped me realized I need to let go of what it means to be perfect and embrace myself no matter what part of the journey I’m on. And being healthy doesn’t have to be about counting calories eaten or burned! It is truly an honor to be a part of this brand and I can’t wait to see the community grow.

I’m a graphic designer by day, life coach and psychic in progress. I can never say no to ice cream and boba but also mac & cheese, sushi, and Mexican food! Lately I’ve been dancing, weightlifting, and baking – and I love it!! Live your best life and follow your happiness despite what anyone says!