Jeannie Nguyen

Lead Web Developer

Hi! I'm Jeannie. I'm a full-time music festival/concert goer, anime binge watcher, climber of boulders, and part-time software engineer.

Being a part of Kinda Fit Kinda Fat taught me how to love myself at all phases of my life. I can love myself and be confident in my body even when I'm not at my prime physical physique.

I started working out in college the year after my big sister graduated. My college had just redone their rec center and it was like a giant playground. I went from never having gone to the gym to working out consistently over the next five years.

These last few years, life got a little busy for me and I stopped prioritizing my fitness. I still eat as much as I did when I was working out, so I got Kinda Fat. In the past, I'd have been really hard on myself for not maintaining a certain physique.

These days, I'm happy, even though I'm not at my physical best. I've been swimming, going to the gym, and enjoying all the best foods. I've found the best balance between being active and trying all the new food spots in town. You really can have the best of both worlds. I guess you could say I'm Kinda Fit Kinda Fat.